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The Short Term Funding & Bridging Loan Specialist   

 Wednesday, July 06, 2022

                                                                                      Welcome to Lantern Finance Pty Ltd

The Short Term and Bridging Loan Specialists
     Phone 0415 410 185 or  1800 378 473       Email: info@lanternfinance.com.au 

WELCOME to U ACCOUNT TM We teach you to be a better money manager...

Cash Flow under control


    Welcome to the most beneficial "Cash Transformation System" in the world!
Description of  Business:

You have just taken the first step in taking control of your financial future. This intuitive web-based 'point and click' software program enables you to use financial strategies that the banking industry has used for decades to transform scheduled interest payments into wealth. By using U Account TM you will maximise your cash flow, increase your net worth, and pay off your debt in record time.

What is U Account

U Account
TM is a web-based 'point and click' financial education, budgeting, coaching, and debt elimination software solution that can also be linked to a mortgage. The only difference is, with UAccount TM you can pay off your mortgage and all other personal debts in half to one third the scheduled time, saving potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest. (Put us to the test and see this amazing tool for yourself)

How does U Account
The best way to explain it, is to compare it to a car navigation system "GPS". A GPS maps out the shortest, most effective way to your destination that you wish to travel too. If you miss a turn or take a wrong exit, the GPS automatically recalculates and gets you back on track to your destination... U Account
TM is your Financial GPS System.

U Account TM continuously looks at your financial situation minute by minute, day by day and week by week. It looks at your financial situation today, tomorrow, and everyday thereafter, and calculates the fastest, most strategic way to zero debt. In other words, it takes you by the hand and walks you through exactly what to do and how to do it in a step by step basis.

If you want to be DEBT FREE and get your Cash Flow managment under control in the quickest time possible, then call today so that we can assess your options.

Address: 76 Appel Street, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland, 4217, Australia
Phone: +61 7 5531 6117 or +61 0415 410 185(Michael Mobile)
Fax: +61 5604 1117
Email: michaelbrickell@uaccount.net
Website: www.uaccount.net/michaelbrickellbdm
Contact: Michael Brickell

No Matter how Big or Small, If you have Debt, then U Account TM is for you...

Here is what a client says about the system...

UAccount took the pain and stress out of managing my daily finances, whilst doing that it educated me on the Time Value of Money and is saving me $ 100,000’s off my Debts including my HOMES LOAN and CREDIT CARD bills. I recommend anyone that has a HOME LOAN, CREDIT CARD, PERSONAL LOAN, CAR LOAN and even a STUDENT LOAN, to take a look at this revolutionary program.(K.Smith - Robina)

Discuss your situation with one our professional agents today and you will see the immediate benefits that UAccount TM will present for you.

By completing the enquiry form below, we will send you a FREE 5 page assessment report and recommendations to the value of $500, this alone will show you the power of  U Account TM

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